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Whippy Dip Logo and short menu
Ice Cream & Food

Soft and Hard Serve, Shakes and Malts, Flurries, and the famous Turtle Sundae!


T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Baseball Hats, and Bucket Hats!

Coffee & Pastries

Espresso, Chai, Donuts, Cold Brew, and more!


In 1959, Silver Lake was not what it is today, but someone had a vision and built what is now our building. According to several personal accounts, the first ice cream shop on the property was started in 1960 and was called the Silver Shadow. How long it remained is hard to determine, but in the 80s it was re-opened as the Whippy Dip. It was at this time that the Whippy Dip Turtle Sundae was created. Today it is world famous!


High quality ice cream, combined with lightning fast service, made Whippy Dip a huge hit. These days, little has changed from the 80s.  Malt Shop music still plays all day, and the playground is still full of joyful kids screaming down the slide or riding the swings. 


Today the shop is owned by a local family of four.  Wes, Amy, Jake, and Luke all work at the shop throughout the summer.  We employ up to 20 high school and college students each summer, striving for a drama-free atmosphere of teamwork, family values, and friendly customer service.

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